Gold Medal Winner

news_goldmedal_pic1.pngThe Foundation for Landscape Studies proudly announces president Elizabeth Barlow Rogers’s receipt of the New York Botanical Garden’s prestigious Gold Medal on November 17, 2016. Previous recipients of this infrequently conferred honor include the sociobiologist, naturalist, and conservationist E. O. Wilson; the neurologist, physician, and author Oliver Sacks; and the British botanist and ecologist Sir Ghillean Prance.
According to Gregory Long, president and CEO of the New York Botanical Garden, the award is “a fitting way to commemorate Rogers’s dedication to New York City in the fields of urban park development and landscape history.” In reply, Rogers said, “I am thrilled to receive such an accolade, but any praise of me must also go to the men and women who stood by my side during the first fifteen years of the life of the Central Park Conservancy and those who continue to make this public-private park partnership a shining example for others throughout the world. I am further grateful for the recognition of the role the Foundation for Landscape plays in nurturing the related fields of landscape history and landscape preservation.