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2007 Place Maker Award
Jack Lenor Larsen

Jack Lenor Larsen, America’s foremost twentieth-century weaver and textile designer, is a leading authority on traditional and contemporary crafts and mentor to young and emerging artists. Throughout his distinguished career his multifarious creative sensibility has always been reflected in his personal vision of living. His fabric is a tapestry of art and nature; a juxtaposition of light and transparency, texture and pattern, form and structure. Known for his organic use of natural yarns in random patterns, Larsen evolved his signature style over more than half a century, transforming environments as varied as homes, public buildings, corporate offices, and jet plane interiors (including Air Force One) with signature designs that represent modern art in its highest craft dimension. But nowhere is his sense of place more beautifully realized than at LongHouse, his 16-acre East Hampton residence. A case study for contemporary living, a deliberate “alternative to the norm,” its garden rooms are continually in flux thanks to ever-changing plantings and works of art.