Stop Receiving Site/Lines in print?

The print version of the Foundation for Landscape Studies biannual journal Site/Lines is satisfying to the eye and hand as well as practical to carry in a pocketbook or briefcase. Heretofore we have sent copies of each issue to approximately 2,000 persons presumed to have an interest in our principal subject—place— regardless of whether or not they have responded to our appeal for support. For both budgetary and environmental reasons, beginning with the next issue we will cut back our mailing list. In the future only readers who contribute on an annual basis will receive printed copies of Site/Lines

If you have not already become a supporter of the Foundation for Landscape Studies and do not wish to stop receiving Site/Lines by mail, please help us go green with your tax-deductible gift to help underwrite its continued publication in paper format. If you are already a donor, please consider increasing your support. If you would like to comment on this or any other matter, please go to 


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Underwriter (provides writers’ fees)  _______   $1,000

Sponsor (supports editorial work) ___________  $500

Reader (enables mailing) ____________ Discretionary