2015 Prize Winners

The Foundation for Landscape Studies is pleased to announce this year's J.B. Jackson Book Prize and David R. Coffin Publication Grant winners. For more information about the prizes and the winners, click here.

J.B. Jackson Book Prize, 2015 Winners

Patricia Bouchenot-Déchin and Georges Farhat
André Le Notre in Perspective

Yale University Press, 2014

Vittoria Di Palma
Wasteland: A History

Yale University Press, 2014

Sonja Dumpelmann
Flights of Imagination: Aviation, Landscape, Design

University of Virginia Press, 2014

Marion Harney
Place-Making for the Imagination: Horace Walpole and Strawberry Hill

Ashgate, 2013

Susan Herrington
Cornelia Hahn Oberlander: Making the Modern Landscape

University of Virginia Press, 2014

David R. Coffin Publication Grant, 2015 Winner

Elizabeth Milroy
The Grid and the River:
Philadelphia's Green Places, 1682-1876
Penn State Press, Forthcoming